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The world of heavy vehicles can be challenging and costly, even though it is the backbone of our economy. We are specialists in logistics, in transport and construction, so we understand your operations and how important it is to gain efficiencies wherever possible.
CI Logistics has been successful in transforming business cultures originally disinterested in the idea of sophisticated measuring, monitoring and reporting systems, into ones that thrive on it. This is because we are not focused solely on hardware, but on understanding your business needs.
With a fleet that is mobile and distributed across multiple sites, cities and states across the country, gaining visibility and ensuring effective management of these can be a huge challenge. Our service management, job scheduling and time sheeting modules can help.
Driving a vehicle for work is a high-risk activity. CI Logistics products assist in reducing the risk of all of your drivers, whether fleet, grey fleet, contractors or family, by ensuring compliance is being met for all healthy, safety and legal requirements.
Geo-fencing can do as much, or as little as your company desires. It can be used to clock working hours, keep an eye on company property, or even compare data for route efficiency - improve running costs such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and consumables.
CI Logistics is an Australian born company dedicated to the design, production and implementation of dynamic and innovative fleet monitoring and management systems. CI Logistics is committed to innovative business intelligence systems that inspire smarter businesses.
CI Logistics


CI Logistics, a member of the Collective Intelligence Group (CIG) is an Australian born company, built from the ground up, to meet the needs of our market. We are dedicated to the design, production and implemention of dynamic and innovative monitoring and management systems.


The difference between our solutions and others is that we take raw data and present it to you in an empowering way, with usable intelligence to help you run your business efficiently.


Our technology allows us to do this in real-time without adding to the administrative burden of your business. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or a small or large end user, we have a way of generating reports that will provide you with the real time visibility you need to run and grow your business in a highly competitive market.

Recent News

Reducing operational costs, while maintaining or improving efficiency is always a challenge. After two years of dealing with this FMS system supplied from Collective Intelligence, we now have a clear picture of the overall use and efficiency of our Materials Handling Equipment fleet.

Fred Nyunt, Operations Auditor, Mitsubishi Australia

“CI is a great tool ... The pre-ops check with CI saves a lot of paperwork which needs to be filled and stored. With CI everything is kept in the computer memory if needed.

Tangi Marsters, National GL MHECo-ordinator, Super Retail Group

We recognized a significant cost savings and safety opportunities related to our fleet.
...there is a potential to save lives as it makes our vehicles and the work environment safer. One great feature is the impact alerts which notify us when a driver may have been involved in an incident.

Peter Lassas, Site Security Senior, Tooheys Security Team