About CI Logistics



Who we are




CI Logistics is an Australian born company dedicated to the design, production and implementation of dynamic and innovative fleet monitoring and management systems.

Our systems have been developed to assist you in making decisions that will not only save you money but will protect you, your employees, your customers and the community.  We believe safety should be your right, not a requirement.  Our products give you the peace of mind that your equipment and your employees are at their optimum level of efficiency while free from any risks or hazards.

We are unique because we believe that data is of no value without presenting it in an empowering way that means something to you and your business.  Intelligence is what makes the difference.  Being provided with real time information that is relevant and easy to understand allows you to make the best decisions for the best outcomes.

CI Logistics is a proud member of the Collective Intelligence Group (CIG).  CIG is committed to innovative business intelligence systems that inspire smarter businesses.


We specialise in both off-the shelf and fully customised fleet management solutions for the transport and construction industries.

Our systems are developed and configured for your needs. We have the ability to provide relevant and valuable intelligence on:

  • Fleet Management
  • Telematics
  • Overhead Management
  • Compliance
  • Running Costs

The difference between our solutions and others is that we take raw data and present you usable intelligence in a relevant manner, to help you run your business efficiently.

Our technology allows us to do this in real-time without adding to the administrative burden of your business.  Regardless of the size of your business, whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or a small or large end user, we have a way of generating reports that will provide you with the real time visibility you need to run and grow your business in a highly competitive market.

Most importantly our systems save you money and allow you to manage your equipment and operations more efficiently, WITH ACTUAL AND REAL-TIME RESULTS.