CCF Tasmania

CCF teams up with CI Logistics to develop safety compliance streamlining app

CCF Tasmania in conjunction with CI Logistics launch an exciting new app that successfully streamlines compliance regulations, saving businesses time and money by allowing users to complete safety checklists and requirements electronically.

The app is called Prestart and its release is set to coincide with Safe Work Month.

Chief Executive Office for CCF Tasmania, Tony Cook said, “Compliance to regulations and safety standards is critical in the civil construction industry, not only for operational purposes, but also to safeguard employees, contractors, customers and the local community. Compliance procedures however can be time consuming and tedious, disrupting efficiencies, which can be costly to businesses.”

“Many businesses and operators conduct safety requirements using manual processes and hard copy documentation that can be easily misplaced. Time loss from manual methods create unnecessary human capital costs and can place the business in a vulnerable position if documentation is lost and compliance rejected.”

“The Prestart app is a solution that overcomes these time and money absorbing processes by making the compliance processes more efficient,” said Tony Cook.

A bit more about Prestart:

The Prestart app focuses on the key compliance area of pre-start checks on construction equipment.

ISO4801 and the Federal Safety accreditation require a daily inspection on all mobile plant equipment. The inspection is conducted prior to use of equipment and is done to ensure the equipment has been adequately maintained to prevent faulty equipment being operated on at construction sites. The Pre-start app will provide businesses with peace of mind that safety checks on the equipment have been completed and are in a safe condition.

The Prestart app is multi-beneficial. Not only will it provide businesses with peace of mind, but the app can also assist with managing fleet location and securing records of all entered pre-starts for audit and compliance purposes.

Designed for devices such as smartphones and/or iPads, the Prestart app permits the operator to conduct the pre-start checklist on their device to:
Report faults using easy swipe and type functions and sign the form
Record location, project name and a time stamp of when the pre start was completed
Send out a PDF version of the pre-start completed to 3 email addresses, that can include your safety officer, maintenance team and customer.

The Prestart app is one of many modules developed by Collective Intelligence Construction (CIC) in their product, the Toolshed.

The CIC Toolshed has the potential to change the way businesses manage their compliance with safety by replacing the need for physical forms and documents.

The Toolshed by CIC is a complete suite of apps that extends to include:

  • Daily Operational Reports (DOR)
  • Material Requisitions
  • Fault Reports
  • Incident/Injury Reports
  • Hazard Reports
  • Toolbox Meeting Reports
  • JSAs (Job Safety Analysis)
  • Timesheets and Job Costs
  • Staff Alert System

Supported by a web based administration portal that manages users and their respective documentation, the Toolshed allows a more efficient and timely manner for field operators to communicate information to the main business, offering financial gains and valuable insights for businesses with field service operations.

To celebrate the CCF Prestart, the app will be made available for free for the month of November 2014.  Visit the website and click the CCF icon to download.