CI LogisticsDriver Improvement

Driving a vehicle for work is a high-risk activity.

CI Logistics products assist in reducing the risk of all of your drivers, whether fleet, grey fleet, contractors or family, by ensuring compliance is being met for all healthy, safety and legal requirements.

OH & S

The safety of your drivers is of the most importance.

Why risk it?

Provide a 'duty of care'

  • Automate pre start checklists to ensure vehicle is safe for operations.
  • Reduce injuries by ensuring your vehicles are properly maintained and mechanically sound.
  • Electronic diaries to present important safety information in the cabin to driver.
  • Minimise vibration by monitoring seating, cabin suspension, axle suspension, pedal positioning and suitable tyres, providing a comfortable and safe environment for the driver, reducing the risk of fatigue.
  • Ensure driver compliance with automated video surveillance.
  • In cabin cameras detect and provide data on heavy vehicle incidents relating to:
    • Driver fatigue;
    • Registration;
    • Failure to enter heavy vehicle safety stations.
  • Automatically record accidents through remote G-force sensors, allowing you to analyse and improve to avoid further incidents.

Reduce compliance costs

  • Reduce paperwork and costs through automated processes.
  • Share diary information with local, state and federal authorities automatically.
  • Never lose important compliance forms. Store compliance documents (such as Work Cover records, servicing and maintenance, driver checks etc.) electronically making it easy to look up and submit when requested.
  • Manage vehicle licensing through registered driver management systems.
  • Reduce the risk of fines through Roads and Marine by monitoring heavy vehicle travel times, registration status and failures to enter heavy vehicle safety stations for compliance checks.
  • Mitigate fraud and corruption risks through in cabin cameras.