Fleet Management

fleet management

We aim to be your complete partner in effective heavy vehicle management.

The world of heavy vehicles can be challenging and costly, even though it is the backbone of our economy. We are specialists in logistics, in transport and construction, so we understand your operations and how important it is to gain efficiencies wherever possible.

Our solutions serve any requirement from simple monitoring of equipment to controlling and managing the actual functions of the equipment such as speed, movement, even who can operate the equipment.

Our products are developed to use wireless and the latest mobility technology to enable timely and accurate reporting.

Built to withstand the arduous conditions these heavy vehicles work in, our products are robust and comply with IP ratings as well as any other specific environmental requirements. They can be installed onto any piece of equipment that has a motor.

Improving efficiencies, productivity and safety is where we can help.



We designed our solutions to be convenient and easy to use to help you meet your responsibilities effortlessly and consistently.

  • Easily meet the growing range of OH&S compliance requirements.
  • Powerful without being an administrative burden.
  • No special hardware, software or involvement from your I.T. department required.
  • Works seamlessly with your facilities and equipment and can be accessed anywhere you can access the Internet.

Equipment Access Control

Equipment is an important asset to your business, but in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous.

  • Control who operates your equipment via PIN codes or RFID swipe cards.
  • Know who was operating equipment and when.
  • Manage equipment access instantly and conveniently from anywhere via the Internet.

 CI Logistics

Remote Equipment Monitoring

Enhance your monitoring capabilities to ensure safety and compliance as well as analyse historical plotting of equipment activity to improve productivity.

  • Shock sensing including monitoring of operator behaviour and recording of events.
    Electronic Safety Checklists enables operators to more readily flag damage, urgent and routine maintenance items.
  • Analyse high level fleet trends through to specific periods of activity to better utilise equipment and control costs.
  • Speed and zone management to ensure company equipment is used according to operations and safety guidelines.
  • GPS or hard wired technology to define physical or non-physical boundaries both indoors and outdoors.
  • Enforce limitations such as speed, dangerous goods areas, specific equipment (i.e. height restrictions), speed and time restrictions in areas with pedestrian traffic.


Who is watching who?

It is not a matter of privacy, it is a matter of safety and security.

Telematics is an interdisciplinary field encompassing telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering (sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, etc.), computer science (multimedia, Internet, etc). But what does it mean to you?

In an age of real visibility to the external world through applications like traffic control, CCTV, speed cameras and automatic number plate recognition, telematics gives you the opportunity to not only take back control of information concerning your vehicles and assets but to use it in a way that adds value to your people and your business.


Give me a word, any word, and I show you how the root is Greek:

The etymology of telematics is from the Greek "tele" ('far away', especially in relation to the process of producing or recording) and ~Matos (a derivative of the Greek machinari, or contrivance, usually taken in this context of automation, to mean 'of its own accord'). As combined, the term "telematics" describes the process of long-distance transmission of computer-based information.

Vehicle telematics has evolved from GPS and vehicle tracking into real, automated solutions that enhance your business, reduce your costs and prevent mistakes.

GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones, wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance systems all are covered under the telematics umbrella.  CI Logistics have embraced the continued advancements in technology and developed further practical solutions using telematics to improve efficiency and organisation in areas such as;

  • Driver Fatigue Management
  • Driver Performance Management
  • Vehicle Performance Management
  • Driver Communication/Messaging
  • Emergency Management
  • Traffic Route Information
  • Route Planning/Scheduling
  • Delivery Tracking By Customers

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