Overhead Management


service managementService Management

Proactive health checks and monitoring on your vehicles. 
Periodic health check reports of the environment provide vital information to make decisions on forecasted and unexpected impacts on the vehicles which are the backbone of your business.

Reduce your maintenance costs

  • Supply vehicle activity and load reports to service agents.
  • Present a case for less maintenance on some vehicles based on data.
  • Schedule maintenance at opportune times for each vehicle.
  • Balance service requirements with forecast activity.

job schedulingJob Scheduling

While you maintain complete control over your environment our service management modules will take accountability for meeting your objectives and keeping your vehicles running safely and efficiently.

With a fleet that is mobile and distributed across multiple sites, cities and states across the country, gaining visibility and ensuring effective management of these can be a huge challenge.

  • Get real time communication with your fleet, affording you the ability to re-route drivers at a moment's notice.
  • Control your workload automation through a graphical user interface and a single point of control for definition and monitoring.

Are your drivers and vehicles underutilised?

  • Add additional hours of productivity each day with real time reporting of your driver’s activity.

time sheetingTime Sheeting

Increase revenue and lower costs through automation.


  • Automatically manage your field workers time job by job.


  • Receive real time information for payroll, client billing, project costing, estimation, tracking and management.


  • Improve project management by comparing planned costs versus actual costs.