Running Costs

Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing can do as much, or as little as your company desires.  It can be used to clock working hours, keep an eye on company property, or even compare data for route efficiency.  While geographic information systems (GIS) applications continue to be integral to communicating information.

CI Logistics products use geo-fencing and GIS applications to provide data to analyse, monitor and improve running costs such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and consumables.

Reduction of fuel consumption

  • Track fuel usage by route, region or by geo-fencing.
  • Measure and monitor fuel consumption via kilometre travelled and driver skill.
  • Compare fuel usage per kilometre between vehicles to assist in defining vehicle end of life and service requirements.
  • Compare fuel usage by driver for educational and training purposes.
  • Using experienced drivers to map routes to improve less experienced driver’s productivity.
  • Cross check fill records at pump with direct input readings from the driver, with alerts that highlight excessive use or wastage.
  • Plan fuel stops to incorporate efficient fuel and load balance.
  • Wheel in traction technology allows load to be shared across many axles efficiently while being more manoeuvrable than an equivalently sized rigid truck.

Geospatial technology

  • Share information for collaboration and coordination of geographical data, and data tied to geographical references.
  • Increase visibility through real-time remote sensing.
  • Empower your field workers with more responsibility and autonomy.


  • Track your personnel and equipment in real-time through the hour meter.
  • Verify actual usage and bill accordingly.
  • Monitor the maintenance requirements of equipment.
  • Optimise fuel use, exception alerts, maintenance scheduling and green fleet optimisation.


In the event of an accident, a second by second report can be downloaded detailing activity before and after the accident, allowing you identify areas that can be improved in order to reduce accidents in the future.  With g-force technology, you can improve overall driver behaviour and reduce overall vehicle maintenance costs.

  • Reduce your insurance costs through visibility of impact identification – exact time and place.
  • Monitor driver behaviour, hard acceleration, braking and cornering.