Research & Development

Research & Development:

The R&D team at CI Logistics are responsible for designing, developing and producing all our hardware and software as well as integrating our products with other world class products and systems to deliver the perfect solution for our customers all the time.

We work with our customers from the concept stage through to rollout and ongoing maintenance to deliver the perfect solution.

If you’re looking to do something more efficiently, our team will help you gather all the information you need to best understand your problem and requirements and then find the best way to resolve the issue. If there is a cost-effective off-the-shelf option available, then we’ll find it for you. Otherwise, you need a knowledgeable team who can customise the perfect result.

You have a unique and untried situation: It is important to understand all your options in order to find the perfect fit. If it makes good business sense to customise a solution, then you need a team that not only knows what is out there, but who can help you understand what is involved and then deliver cost-effectively on its promises.

Other solutions just haven’t worked: In real working environments it is rare that “one size fits all”.  If your unique situation isn’t out of the box, you’ll need to come up with a new and innovative way to resolve it that makes business sense.

We have a proven track record in turning unique and original customer and partner ideas into viable business solutions to resolve a specific problem in a live environment.

Our R&D team will create a solution to resolve your problem in the short term and make it adaptable and flexible enough to handle any ongoing changes to your business environment.  We believe for any customised implementation to be effective with improvement over the long-term, the solution must be sustainable.  We will ensure you have control over your new environment in the way that suits your needs. By empowering you to own your solution, we know you will then get the greatest result for your bottom line.

If you have a unique problem, or an idea to improve a specific business process, then contact us today.