Transforming Business Culture

Transforming Business Culture:

CI Logistics has been successful in transforming business cultures originally disinterested in the idea of sophisticated measuring, monitoring and reporting systems, into ones that thrive on it.  This is because we are not focused solely on hardware, but on understanding your business needs, structure and budget.

We believe in a start-to-end service that includes:

  • Scoping:
    Discovery and mapping of the business issues.
  • Design:
    Creation of a custom solution around solving the identified business issues.
  • Build:
    Technology and product development that execute a product build around the core design.
  • Installation and implementation:
    Working closely with clients and partners to implement the solution across its assets including testing, optimisation and modification.
  • Support and help desk:
    Providing onsite and remote support through our engineering team and help desk to give our clients complete confidence.
  • Partnership:
    Established as an indispensable technology for our clients, CI Logistics becomes an integral partner to the business offering innovative solutions as the needs of our clients evolve.