Collective Intelligence Prestarts


CI Prestarts App - suitable for both iPhone and iPad - Free

  • Enter email addresses you wish your reports to be sent to (up to 3)
  • Enter CI Prestart and complete all information required.
  • Save this information if you wish to add another plant with the same details. If you save this info to add another plant, remember to modify plant ID or Rego Nº
  • Click on questionnaire buttons as required.
    - Left for Ok (green)
    - Right for Faulty ( red)  –
    - Not Applicable – leave as is
  • If you report a fault (red button) describe the fault in red pop up window > save > then continue.
  • If a fault is recorded, please enter all details as required in fault report and send report.
  • If no faults are recorded, please go next and send report.


Download your Free Trial here