Reducing operational costs, while maintaining or improving efficiency is always a challenge.  After two years of dealing with this FMS system supplied from Collective Intelligence, we now have a clear picture of the overall use and efficiency of our materials handling equipment fleet.

Fred Nyunt, Operations Auditor
 - Mitsubishi Australia

CI is a great tool ... The pre-ops check with CI saves a lot of paperwork which needs to be filled and stored.  With CI everything is kept in the computer memory if needed.

Tangi Marsters, National GL MHE Co-ordinator
  - Super Retail Group

We recognised a significant cost savings and safety opportunities related to our fleet. ...there is a potential to save lives as it makes our vehicles and the work environment safer. One great feature is the impact alerts which notify us when a driver may have been involved in an incident.

Peter Laggas, Site Security Senior
 - Tooheys Security Team

In the field we have Collective Intelligence’s systems on our concrete trucks, heavy haulage trucks and tip trucks. They are easy to install and the drivers find them easy to use. We capture information about time sheets, deliveries, job acceptance, vehicle condition checklists, fuel and solid understanding of our fleet.

David Eldridge, Information Systems/Fleet Management System
 - Hazell Bros Group