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The Toolshed - Mobile App

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After registration, you will be able to log in to the Master Administration Dashboard and enter your own personalised plant items, your consumables, your users and your clients.  Please note that sample data is already included which can be removed or altered to suit your requirements.

Below is a list of options available.

  • Timesheets – complete in-depth daily operational reports by your staff, including activities, consumables and times
  • Prestarts – cover 13 different types of plant equipmentFault Reports – instant reporting of any plant failures or faults
  • Material Requisitions – users can quickly and effectively order any spare parts or material items
  • Hazard Reports – supervisors and operations managers can be kept informed of any potential hazards, including image capture
  • Incident /Injury Reports – speedy reporting of any injury or incidents on site
  • Toolbox Meetings – effectively document and encourage safe work practices
  • Job Safety Analysis – document and identify activities and hazards
  • Staff Alert System – keep your staff informed immediately of new events, tasks and operational matters



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